The Power of AI in Marketing: Boost Your Performance

In this article, I’ll explain to you the power of AI and its correct use in marketing to boost your performance. Whether you’re a blogger, content creator, YouTuber, or in any other profession, you know that some tasks can take hours or even days to complete. But with AI, you can complete these tasks within minutes.

For example, AI-driven tools can analyze vast amounts of data up to 60,000 times faster than a human, enabling marketers to make data-driven decisions with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

In fact, 80% of businesses leveraging AI report improvements in productivity. Additionally, AI-powered content generation can save content creators up to 20 hours per week by automating tasks such as writing, editing, and social media scheduling.

Why You Should Use AI in Marketing

If you’re not using AI to enhance your marketing efforts, you’re missing out on a huge advantage. Your competitors who use AI are already ahead because they know how to use AI to boost their marketing efforts.

So, here’s the real question: Do you want to wait around for AI to take your job, or do you want to make AI your assistant or your friend and become a marketing superhero? If you’re curious to learn how, keep reading this article!

Sharing Knowledge and Skills

I love sharing my knowledge and skills with you right here on my blog. I want you to learn and grow with digital marketing and AI because these are the skills of the future that will empower your career.

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Benefits of AI Tools

With the rise of AI, there are many AI tools that you can use to enhance your marketing skills. For example, I used to spend 1 to 2 hours writing emails, but today I can write an email within 5 minutes. I could create content in hours, but now, with the proper use of AI, I can repurpose my content within minutes. AI helps you work smarter, giving you unlimited opportunities to make your mark in digital marketing. All you need to do is start today.

With the rise of AI, there are many AI tools that you can use to enhance your marketing skills. For example, I used to spend 1 to 2 hours writing emails, but today I can write an email within 5 minutes. According to a McKinsey report, AI can reduce the time spent on certain tasks by up to 50%.

I could create content in hours, but now, with the proper use of AI, I can repurpose my content within minutes. AI helps you work smarter, giving you unlimited opportunities to make your mark in digital marketing.

In fact, 91% of top-performing companies are already investing in AI. All you need to do is start today, as the AI market is expected to grow from $14.69 billion in 2019 to $118.6 billion by 2025, underscoring the importance of adopting AI tools to stay competitive.

Introduction to AI Tools

Now, I can’t wait to show you all my stuff and how you can take advantage of AI for your marketing efforts and much more.

It will definitely change the way you think and do marketing online. Believe me, the tips and tricks that I am going to share with you in this article will help you boost your marketing skills 10x faster. Let’s see what we can learn in this article.

Using AI to Power Up Your Daily Tasks

First, let me show you how you can use AI to power up your daily tasks such as email writing, content creation, boosting your social marketing techniques, SEO, and much more.

I will also show you how it boosted my daily workflow. This article is very special because it’s about my unique tips and tools that I personally developed for beginners. I know you are very curious to learn, so let’s get started!

AI Title Generator

Look at this very simple tool: it’s a free AI Title Generator. This tool helps me generate multiple titles for my content within seconds.

For example, if I type “Digital Marketing with AI” and click on generate titles, it will generate 10 SEO-optimized titles that include high-rated keywords.

Free AI Title Generator

Before using this AI tool, brainstorming topic ideas for my content took several minutes. But now, you can see this tool generated 10 best topics for my content in seconds.

What’s nice is that these AI-generated titles have high engagement keywords, saving me 30 to 60 minutes of keyword research for each topic. This is a small practical example of using AI to 10x your efforts. If you want to know more about keyword research, checkout my this video course:

ChatGPT for Content Generation

Sometimes I also use ChatGPT for tasks that I research before developing new AI tools. For example, I’m working on developing an AI tool to generate content for all my social media accounts.

This content will be based on my article, a short phrase, YouTube script, or any other content. Let me show you how you can do this on ChatGPT by using a simple prompt.

For instance, if I go to my blog, Digitcrafter.com, open any article, copy its content, and then use this prompt on ChatGPT.

ChatGPT Prompt to Covert Article into Social Posts

Your are expert in writing social media posts.
I want you to convert the following article into engaging social posts. I want you to come up with a well written post for each of the following social platforms:
I want to attract audience of digital marketing and content writers. Remember that you need to include very valuable information in the post to make them more attractive and increase the curiosity of the viewer after reading my post.
Please follow these key instructions when writing posts for above social platforms:
1. The length of post should be according to each social platform.
2. You need to write information in simple terms and for novice so that everyone could understand its meaning clearly.
3. If the topic is more complicated to explain, then explain with a short example.
4. Add emojis where possible.
5. Post should be SEO optimized.
6. For Facebook, Linkedin and Quora, expand the content with SEO optimized keywords.
7. Add relevant and trending hashtags at the end of each post.

Here is the article:

it will convert my article into social media posts for different platforms like LinkedIn, Quora, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

This way, I can share my posts quickly on all my social media accounts. Before AI, this process took several minutes, but now it’s done in seconds. This is another example of leveraging AI for your daily tasks.

Generate YouTube Titles

Another example is using AI Web Ranker’s YouTube Title Generator to find the best titles for my YouTube videos.

Here’s how: on AI Web Ranker, you can find a YouTube Title Generator. By typing “Digital Marketing with AI” and clicking on generate titles, it gives me five titles. I then copy these keywords, search them on YouTube, and use the VidIQ Chrome extension to analyze their search volume and competition.

vidIQ chrome extension

This helps me choose highly engaging titles for my videos.

Converting YouTube Transcripts to Medium Posts

Similarly, on Medium, where I have 1.5k followers, I convert my YouTube transcripts into Medium posts. I have written a special prompt for this, which converts any video transcript into an engaging Medium post.

You're expert in converting YouTube transcript into Medium Post.

I have published a new youtube video on the topic [YouTube Video Title].
This video explain about [YouTube Video Description].

Your task is to turn the following youtube transcript into a well written medium post that should be engaging for the readers. My goal is to engage people and drive them to my youtube video. Hyperlink this video [Video Link] and my blog [Your Blog Link] naturally using anchor text in the post.

You need to focus the main keyword [Focus Keyphrase] for writing the entire post for medium.

Remember that you need to include very valuable information in the post to make the medium post more catchy and increase the curiosity of the viewer throughout the content.

Please follow these key instructions when writing post for medium platform:

1. You should use storytelling technique in opening paragraph.
2. Add some facts and figures in the introductory paragraph to make the post more professional.
3. The length of post should be long enough to meet the SEO norms of medium platform and Google Search engine as well.
4. You need to write information in simple terms and for novice so that everyone could understand its meaning clearly.
5. Most importantly, your generated post should be valuable for the readers and must focus on solving major issue on the topic that i have discussed in my youtube video.
6. Remember every word from youtube script should count.
7. Focus on using words “I”, “You” and “your” to make the post more user friendly.

Let me know when you are ready, then I shall provide you my medium post as template and YouTube transcript to covert it into medium post as instructed above. Ask questions if you have any doubts.

Using ChatGPT, this task is completed in minutes, saving me 5 to 6 hours of writing.

Email Marketing with AI

If you’re into email marketing, AI can help you write emails quickly. I use a simple prompt to convert my YouTube video transcripts into email newsletters.

You are expert in writing engaging emails.
I run an email newsletter called (Digit Crafter). It helps people learning digital marketing, making money online, SEO and much more.

I recently published a YouTube video that I would like to convert into an educational, actionable email that provides value to my subscribers and encourages them to click a CTA link provided in my email.

Every word should add value, with zero fluff. Write the email content with casual tone.
Reorder the information as necessary to make the clearest, most actionable email copy without contradictions.

This email should be written like a mail from a friend - not a listicle.

Confirm you understand, and then in my next message I will provide you the video transcript to convert into an email newsletter.

This way, I can share valuable information from my videos and blog with my subscribers and followers through my newsletters. This saves a lot of time and effort. For example, I use the below prompt to convert my YouTube transcript in to an engaging newsletter, adding key points of my video discussion in the newsletter.

AI for Developers

For developers, AI can generate codes in minutes. For example, I downloaded this script from Codecanyon which is a simple word counter tool. My point is, you can develop this tool using ChatGPT.

By writing a simple prompt, ChatGPT generates a PHP script that counts words and characters.

I need a PHP script that counts the number of words and characters in a given text input. The script should be able to handle different types of input strings, including those with various punctuation marks, whitespace, and special characters. Here are the detailed requirements:

Input: The script should accept a string of text as input.
Output: The script should output two counts:

The total number of words in the input string. The total number of characters in the input string, including spaces and punctuation.

ChatGPT provides me this code against my prompt:


function countWordsAndCharacters($inputString) {
    // Counting words
    $wordCount = str_word_count($inputString);

    // Counting characters (including spaces and punctuation)
    $characterCount = strlen($inputString);

    return array("word_count" => $wordCount, "character_count" => $characterCount);

// Example usage:
$inputText = "This is a test string, with punctuation! It also has special characters like & and @.";

$result = countWordsAndCharacters($inputText);

echo "Word count: " . $result['word_count'] . "<br>";
echo "Character count: " . $result['character_count'];

This is the power of AI in action.

Integrating AI into your marketing strategies is no longer an option but a necessity.

However, implementing AI can be overwhelming if not done strategically. Here are some effective strategies to seamlessly integrate AI into your marketing efforts:

Optimize your strategies based on these insights to continually improve your marketing efforts.

If you want to know more about using AI for SEO, check out my video on writing SEO content plans.


I think you have an idea of how to use AI for marketing and content creation for your daily tasks. With powerful AI tools and prompts, you can make your efforts 10x faster.

These are just a few examples of how I use AI for my daily tasks. By following these examples, you can boost your work 10x faster with AI.

But remember, you must use proper prompts to get the best results out of AI. If you need any assistance or special prompts for your profession, just comment below. I’d be more than happy to share my prompts with you.

Some of the links in this article are affiliate links. This means that if you click on the link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products or services that I personally use and believe will add value to my readers. Your support through these links helps keep this blog running and allows me to continue creating helpful content.

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