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Best Content Writing Ideas – 6 Free Sources to Collect From

As Content creators, bloggers, and website owners, we often encounter the challenge of finding compelling ideas for our content. In this article, I’m here to address this common issue and provide a solution.

I’ll reveal my tested method for discovering top-notch content ideas that I use for my website. The great news is that you can easily apply this same approach to your own blog or website.

By following along, you’ll learn effective strategies to overcome the hurdle of content ideation and keep your platform fresh and engaging. Let’s explore the free sources to collect content writing ideas that will help to boost online presence of your website or blog.

Why Generating Ideas is Crucial

First, get ready to think like a problem solver before you come up with content ideas in your mind. Your goal is to help your audience by addressing their questions and challenges with your content.

To find great content ideas, focus on the questions people ask, search for online, or simply wonder about. Tailor your content to your target audience by answering these questions. This way, you can attract clicks and engagement from your audience.

Thankfully, there are tools and techniques available to generate ideas if you’re struggling to think of any on your own.

I’ve put together a list of sources to assist you in finding the content ideas.

These strategies can be applied to write blog posts, eBooks, podcasts, or any other type of content you wish to create faster and quicker.

My Approach To Get Content Writing Ideas

When it comes to finding content relevant to your blog or niche quickly and easily, I’ve discovered a method that works perfect, that is suitable for any kind of niche. While your niche may differ, you can still apply this same approach to gather content ideas tailored to your audience.

Today, I’m excited to share with you how I gather 15 to 20 content ideas for my single topic without relying on premium tools. I utilize this method to compile ideas for every blog post.

For example, I want to write on the topic “learn email marketing”, so what would I do to find content ideas related to this term Take a look at the below screenshot, these are the content ideas that I have collected from free sources.

Content Ideas

Now let me show you what resources you can explore to find content writing ideas.

1- Utilize Google for Content Ideas

Writing content that really helps answer people’s questions can make your site show up higher on Google, which gets you more attention than just using social media.

Before you start writing a new blog post, check if it’s something people are looking for on Google. Even if you think it’s interesting, it might not be what your readers want. Using this trick can give your content strategy a boost because when you give people what they’re searching for, your brand and website can grow faster.

Discover New Content Ideas with Google Autocomplete

Have you ever noticed how Google suggests words as you type in the search bar? This cool feature is called Google Autocomplete. It works by predicting what you might search for based on what’s popular or similar.

Using Autocomplete is a simple way to find fresh content ideas that can attract visitors to your website.

Let’s say you want to search content ideas for “Learn Email Marketing” and want to know what people are searching for in your field. When you type “Learn Email Validation” into Google, you’ll see other words automatically fill in. These suggestions are what most people search for after “Learn Email Marketing.”

Google Autocomplete

For instance, you might see ideas like “Learn email marketing step-by-step,” “Learn email marketing for free,” or “Learn email writing.” Each of these can become a blog post topic. People are searching for these topics, so writing about them can attract readers.

You can even use the exact phrases from Google Autocomplete in your content. This can improve your chances of ranking higher in search results for those terms. Remember, your next great content idea doesn’t have to be a big, fancy piece. It’s about providing helpful information that people are already looking for.

People Also Ask (Topic Related Questions)

When people use Google, they usually fall into one of three groups:

For searches with informational intent, you’ll often see a section called “People Also Ask” below the main search results. This section shows related questions about your topic.

Let’s say you search for “Learn Email Marketing.” Here are some related questions you might see:

Google People also ask section

These questions show that people are interested in pricing and the process of “Learning Email Marketing.” This presents an opportunity for you to create helpful content.

For example, you could write an article or make a video answering the question, “Is email marketing easy to learn?” By providing clear answers, you’ll assist those who are thinking about learning email marketing. Plus, creating content like this helps establish your authority in the topic and improves your rankings on Google over time.

Finding Content Ideas at the Bottom of Google Results

Another place to discover content ideas for your blog is at the bottom of Google’s search results page. Here, you’ll find a section titled “Related Searches”.

Google Related Searches

Some of these related searches may be specific to your location. This is helpful for businesses targeting local customers. If your business serves a particular area, consider incorporating these location-specific keywords into your content.

This makes it more likely for your audience to find and click on your website.

You might also see competitor names in this section, indicating who is ranking well for those search terms. For small businesses, it’s not necessary to focus on getting your brand name in these results. Instead, prioritize mentioning competitor names (especially well-known brands) and the locations you serve in your articles. This can improve your visibility and attract more visitors to your site.

2- Keyword Research Tools

One of the best ways I’ve found to gather content ideas is by using keyword research tools such as SEMrush, Ahrefs and Aiwebranker. There may be others in the market, but I use only these.

For example, let’s visit, navigate to the keyword research section, and input your main keyword “learn email marketing.” Within seconds, you’ll receive a plethora of content ideas tailored to your topic.

Keyword Research

3- AI Content Generators

A content ideas generator is a handy tool designed to swiftly generate fresh and captivating content ideas. By using artificial intelligence (AI), this tool generates topics aligned with your expertise or interests, sparing you from lengthy brainstorming sessions to discover original topics.

Free tool that I use to get content ideas is the Free Outline Generator by Aiwebranker or you can use ChatGPT if you have prompting skills.

By entering “learn email marketing” and clicking “generate outline,” I quickly receive a structured outline for my content. This outline generator provides a wealth of ideas that I can incorporate into my writing.

Content Outline

4- Finding Content Ideas From Quora

Another valuable source for content inspiration is Quora, where you can explore topics relevant to your niche and discover traffic-building strategies for your blog or website.

What’s Quora All About?

Quora is a social platform where people ask and answer questions about anything on the earth.


Whether it’s about hobbies, industries, or specific topics, you’ll find it all here. You can follow different “spaces” dedicated to particular topics and see questions displayed in a feed format. Like Reddit, users can upvote the best answers to each question.

Quora isn’t just for getting answers though; it’s a place to share opinions, start conversations, and tap into the knowledge of others in your industry. The beauty of Quora is that your potential customers are actively seeking content. All you have to do is provide it.

For instance, if you type “learn email marketing” into the search bar on Quora, you’ll see results like this:

Quora Questions

When you click on any question, you’ll find an answer similar to this one:

Quora Answer

Using the question and its answer, you can create something tailored to your topic.

It’s important to understand that simply copying and pasting content from elsewhere onto your blog is not the way to go – that’s a big no-no.

Instead, what you should do is take the content you find, rewrite it using your own words and style, and then integrate it into your own content. By doing this, you’re not only avoiding plagiarism but also adding your unique voice and perspective to the information.

This approach ensures that the content you publish is original, engaging, and aligns with your brand’s identity. So, remember, while it’s okay to draw inspiration from other sources, always make sure to put your own spin on it before sharing it with your audience.

5- Find Trending Topics on Reddit

Reddit is a great place for content ideas because it covers almost every topic you can think of.


Just type your keyword into the search bar and see what comes up. You’ll find lots of discussions in different groups and threads.

Keep an eye on the “hot topic” pages, where you’ll see what’s getting everyone’s attention right now. These topics can be interesting to write about if they’re relevant to your audience. 

To narrow down your search, try adding “how-to” or “why” to your query. This helps you find topics where people are looking for solutions. By using Reddit, you can find fresh ideas and keep your readers engaged.

6- Find Ideas From Related Forums

Forums may seem old-fashioned on the internet, but they’re still widely used and can be a goldmine for content ideas.

They provide a straightforward way for people to chat online, much like they would in person. Users share news, ask and answer questions, and discuss various topics.

To find forums relevant to your industry, simply search for related forum” on Google or on Findaforum, and you’re likely to find several options. Here’s an example snapshot from Findaforum to illustrate.

Find a forum

Final Thoughts

When I think about all these ways to find inspiration (and having a solid plan for content), I realize I can come up with new ideas by using the methods that work best for me. I’ll figure out which options make sense for my content, industry, or what I’m interested in, and that will help me get those creative juices flowing.

Whether I’m using tools like Aiwebranker or Pinterest to search for keywords and ideas, or just taking a break to play games, do sports, or enjoy my hobbies, there are lots of ideas out there waiting for me to discover. I just need a little inspiration to find them.

As I create content, I’ll keep my audience in mind and make sure to engage them once I’ve found an exciting topic.

What are your favorite methods for finding content inspiration? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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