How to Make Money with Trending Topics in 2022

New Money Making Trends: 5 Methods to Start Online Earning

In the online world, being an early adopter of new trends can increase your chances of making money, especially if these trends are long-lasting. But how can you make money from trending topics and tools?

In this article, we’ll cover:

1. How to discover trending topics.
2. The top tools for finding topic inspiration.

Fortunately, there are methods to stay ahead of the curve and profit from the latest trends.

By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll be well-equipped to capitalize on both current and future trends for earning passive income online. Let’s get started!”

To discover what’s trending in your industry or niche, it’s important to stay engaged. Check out social media and news platforms to see what people are currently talking about.

However, for a more effective approach to finding popular topics, consider using one or more of these trend-spotting tools:

Google is a major source of website traffic. To begin your search for trending topics, start with Google Trends. This tool monitors global search activity and provides valuable insights into what people are searching for online.

Google Trends

With Google Trends, you can do the following:

  1. Explore the most current popular searches.
  2. Track changes in interest for a specific topic over time.
  3. Discover related topics that are gaining traction.
  4. Identify the locations where certain keywords are trending.

You can also consider using free Super Site Tools for additional keyword research alongside Google Trends.

Exploding Topics is a helpful tool for discovering what’s trending in different fields. It employs machine learning to pinpoint the topics that are rapidly gaining popularity on the internet. This can help you stay ahead of the curve by learning about emerging trends before they become widely popular.

Exploding Topics Pro

3- BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a widely used tool in content marketing. It’s also great for discovering what topics are currently popular in your specific area of interest. You can use this platform to find out which content is being shared the most on social media and other websites.

Buzz Sumo

You can use BuzzSumo’s free version to discover popular content in your niche. It can analyze a massive 9 billion articles on the internet in just seconds, making it simple to find the most successful topics.

4- Product Hunt

Product Hunt  is a website where individuals can share and explore new products across various categories. It’s also a valuable resource for staying informed about popular topics, especially in the IT and tech sectors.

Product Hunt

5- Flippa

Flippa is a website that provides special offers on top tools for entrepreneurs and businesses. It’s also a valuable resource for uncovering emerging trends, especially in the fields of technology, IT, and marketing.

Flippa Trends

I appreciate that Flippa provides lifetime deals for excellent tools and products. If you come across something you believe will be beneficial, it’s a good idea to seize the opportunity.

Reddit  is a big forum website with lots of users. It’s also a great spot to discover new trends and topics that are becoming popular. To use Reddit, go to the home page and type in a keyword in the search bar.

The platform will then display all the most recent posts related to that topic. You can also click on the ‘subreddits’ tab to discover more specific forums about particular subjects.

7- Facebook Ads Library

 Facebook has a tool called the  Facebook Ads Library , and it’s there to show you all the current ads on Facebook. But it’s not just for that. You can also use it to see what topics and words are used in these ads. Here’s how:

1. Pick your location.
2. Choose a category of ads you’re interested in.
3. Type in a word related to your area of interest.

Then, you’ll see all the ads that use that word in that place.

The key point here is that you can make content about the products you see in these ads, and you can even run your own ads. Sounds good, doesn’t it? is a newsletter that keeps you informed about products and services that are becoming popular. You can begin with a $1 trial subscription and switch to the premium version when you’re ready.

The newsletter doesn’t just share ideas; it also discusses problems, solutions, and why these trends are important. The team believes that trends have made a positive impact on many people’s lives. Will it do the same for you?

9- Trend Watchers

Dejon Brooks, a 21-year-old entrepreneur, started Trend Watchers to assist people in earning money from trending topics. The tool provides three trends and ten viral video creators every day.

The algorithm behind Trend Watchers watches hundreds of thousands of data points daily to identify potential trends. You can subscribe to Business Trends, but the platform is mainly for YouTubers.

So if you make videos on YouTube in any niche, you’ll love this startup.

The Trend Watchers algorithm examines a large amount of data every day to find possible trends. While you can ubscribe to Business Trends, this platform is primarily designed for YouTubers. If you create videos on YouTube in any category, you’ll find this startup very useful.

10- Trend Hunter

Trend Hunter  is a big community that looks for trends worldwide and has many members. This platform’s main goal is to find trends, understand what consumers want, and come up with new ideas. It also provides free yearly reports on trends.

The website also has lots of different content, like tutorials, interviews, examples, and studies. If you write blogs for people, you’ll find Trend Hunter useful.

So, there are plenty of tools and websites to spot trends. But how can you use them to make money? Let’s find out!

In this part, you’ll discover how to make money with trending topics in your content. It could be blogs, YouTube videos, social media posts, or podcasts.

I’ll explain using an example of a blog post that reviews trending products. Why? Because it’s one of the fastest ways to earn money online.

1. Discover Trending Products in Your Niche

To begin, find a list of popular products in your niche that you can explore. You can utilize the tools and websites I mentioned earlier, like Product Hunt, Flippa, and ExplodingTopics Pro, to discover these products. Make a list of them as you’ll need this for the next step in monetizing trending topics and tools.

2. Evaluate Products Based on Reports, Ranking Difficulty, and Search Volume

While we’re discussing trending products and topics, it’s crucial to recognize that not all of them will be profitable. Some products might be challenging to rank for, and others may no longer be available. So, you should be discerning about the products you choose.

In the second step, narrow down your list to products that are both easy to rank for and have a reasonable search volume. Wondering how to determine if a product is easy to rank for? Here’s a simple process:

  • Visit the Report-SEO website.
  • Input your desired keywords like this:

1. Choose the Relevant Country from Keyword Research Data

Start by picking the country you want to target based on your keyword research data.

2. Opt for High Search Volume (Over 500) and Low Competition

Look for keywords with a high search volume (more than 500 searches) and minimal competition.

3. Prioritize Low CPC (Cost per Click)

Pay attention to low CPC (Cost per Click) values. This matters because you’ll be running paid ads to promote your reviews, and you want to keep your advertising costs down.

Why focus on low CPC? Because it helps you spend less on paid traffic while driving more visitors to your review posts.

Next, filter out any keywords that don’t meet all these criteria. This leaves you with a selection of profitable keywords that you can use to create your review post.

3. Locate Affiliate Programs for the Products

Now, let’s move on to the next step: finding affiliate programs for the products you’ve chosen. How can you do this? It’s pretty straightforward. Follow these steps:

– Open Google in your web browser.
– Type in your chosen product’s name followed by “affiliate program” or “partnership” in the search bar.

For example, let’s say you’re interested in the Astra product. You would search for “Astra affiliate program.” Here’s what it might look like:

New money making trends and Astra Affiliate Program

Here, you can see that the top result is an official page for the affiliate program. That’s great news because it means you can apply to join the program and begin promoting it. Additionally, you might want to explore recurring affiliate programs and programs that are friendly for beginners.

If you’re specifically interested in digital marketing and online business niches, you can also refer to this table of affiliate programs. I keep it up-to-date with the latest information.

New money making trends Top-Affiliate-Programs-of-2023

But what if you can’t find an affiliate program for the product you want to promote?

In such a situation, you have another option. You can reach out to the person who created the product, like the owner or founder. Don’t be shy about sending them an email. They might be open to different kinds of partnerships. However, before you approach them, make sure the product is genuinely valuable and worth your effort.

Step 4 – Earning from New Money Making Trends and Product Reviews

Now comes the part where you make money by writing detailed reviews about those trending products. Your goal here is to be fair, honest, and genuine in your reviews. Make sure to follow Google’s guidelines for reviewing products. The key is to provide an authentic and unbiased opinion about the product.

Keep it Natural and Informative

You don’t have to be pushy or seem untrustworthy! When you write your reviews, be sure to include all the important details that people want to know before they decide to buy software, a tool, or a service. This should cover features, pricing, available plans, and any discounts that might apply.

And, of course, remember to add your affiliate links to your post. When people purchase the product through your link, you’ll earn a generous commission. This is how you can profit from trending topics in 2022.

Don’t Have Time or a Big Budget? No Worries!

If you’re short on time or working with a limited budget for hiring writers, I’ve got a solution for you.

To speed up the process of writing reviews for trending products, you can use an AI Article Rewriting tool available on Here’s how it works:

  1. Create an Outline: Start by outlining your post, organizing the key points you want to cover.
  2. Rewrite with AI: Use this free AI Article Rewriter Tool to rewrite a paragraph for each item in your outline. This tool can help you quickly generate content that’s both unique and informative.
New money making trends

Step 5: Bring Visitors to Your Trending Product Reviews

You’ve written your detailed review post, but now you need people to read it. How can you get them to your review?

There are two main methods: organic and paid traffic.

– Organic Traffic (Free):
You can get organic traffic without spending money. To do this, you need to:

Optimize your post for search engines (SEO) so it shows up higher in Google’s search results. This means researching and using the right keywords in your post.

Add internal links (links to other pages on your own website), external links (links to trusted websites), and images to make your content more engaging and informative.

Paid Traffic (Paid): Paid traffic involves spending money to reach an audience. You can do this through ads on platforms like Google, Quora, or Facebook. The goal is to show your review post to people interested in the product.

If you’re new to paid ads, you can start for free with Google Ads credits or Microsoft Ads credits. Look for free ad coupons on Google or Microsoft.

Tip: Start with free credits to learn about paid advertising. Otherwise, you might waste money without knowing how it works.

Which Traffic Method to Choose? Consider using both methods. Here’s why:

  • Organic traffic takes time but becomes sustainable once it starts.
  • Paid traffic is faster but stops when you stop paying for ads.

Combining both can give you the best results.

Wrapping Up: Making Money With New Trends

Trending products, services, and topics are golden opportunities to earn money. Why? Because you can ride the wave of excitement and create content about them to attract visitors and sales.

Plus, there’s usually not much competition in the beginning. So, you can jump in early and get ahead of your rivals.

Remember, the key is to discover the right trend-spotting tools and put them to work for you. Also, make sure to craft detailed content and bring traffic to your post. Even if you’re using AI content, add your human touch.

No website? No problem! You can start a free blog and cash in on trending topics.

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