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URL Shorteners: The Magic of URL Shortening Services

URL shorteners, in short, are services that can turn long, unwieldy web links into short and easy-to-manage ones. It’s a straightforward concept. Now, the question is, do URL shorteners offer any real benefits? Let’s embark on a journey to explore the usefulness and potential of these services.

In this informative article, we’ll uncover the advantages of URL shorteners and how they can benefit your online business. We’ll also introduce you to an excellent URL shortening service, our very own L-inked.com. So, get ready to learn as we dive into the details together.

The Benefits of URL Shorteners

Think of it this way: imagine you’re trying to grab your favorite drink from a high kitchen shelf. Being short doesn’t help in this situation, right? But when it comes to URLs (those web addresses you see in your browser), shorter is actually better.

Here are the top reasons why you should always shorten your long URLs:

1- Easier to Manage and Simpler

Look at these two links. Which one seems simpler to you?


Believe it or not, both links go to the same place. The first one is made shorter using a service called L-inked.com (we’ll talk more about that later). This makes the link much shorter and easier to understand. Who doesn’t like short and simple links, right? Long, complicated links can be a hassle to type or share on social media. Which one would you prefer to use?

Link sharing on Twitter(x)

URL Shorteners and Link Tracking

URL shorteners offer a valuable feature: they help you track your links effectively. Let’s use L-inked.com as an example to illustrate this.

Consider the same link I used earlier. I clicked on it four times. Here, you can find all the information about those clicks.


Total Clicks Tracked

L-inked.com not only tells you how many clicks your link received but also provides other useful data. You can see which countries your link visitors are from and the devices they used.

Insights on Top Countries and Devices

Additionally, imagine you’re running a marketing campaign. You’ve added these links in your email marketing and social media posts.

L-inked.com can reveal the sources of these clicks, helping you refine your marketing strategies for better targeting your ideal audience.

By using URL shorteners with link tracking capabilities, you gain valuable insights that can enhance your online marketing efforts.


Creating Custom Audiences with Pixels

Let’s break it down what a pixel is. A pixel is like a handy tool for tracking how well your ads work. Imagine it as a tracker on your website, like the tracking pixel by Google Analytics we’ll talk about here. When you set up this pixel, it keeps an eye on what people do on your website.

For example, if someone adds something to their online shopping cart or buys something, the pixel notices. It collects these actions, called events, and you can see them on your Google Analytics page in the Events Section. This helps you understand what your customers are up to.

But here’s the cool part: you can use this info to show your ads to those same customers in the future.

L-inked.com has a nifty feature that lets you use these pixels with your links. This way, you can keep track of who reacted to your campaign. And guess what? You can use this info to target those people in your next campaigns. It’s like reaching out to your fans and potential customers again, but even smarter.

By using pixels with your links, you can build custom audiences and supercharge your advertising strategy for better results.


Lower Your SMS Marketing Costs

SMS marketing is a powerful way to reach your audience directly on their phones. They can tap to open your message right from their mobile devices. But here’s the catch: many SMS marketing companies charge based on the size of your messages. That’s why it’s important to shorten your links before sending them to your customers.

Not only does a shortened link save you money, but it also looks much less suspicious than a long, messy link.

Take a look below and decide for yourself which SMS is more appealing:


Long url converted into short url

Creating Custom Branded Links with URL Shorteners

With the L-inked.com link shortener, you have two ways to make your links unique. This not only shortens your links but also allows you to add custom words to give people a clear idea of what the link is about. Confused? Let’s jump into a real example.

Here’s a link from our Facebook page at Digit Crafter. Both of the links below are the same, but notice that I’ve included custom words in one of them to indicate it’s a Facebook link.

comparing short and long url

You can easily do this using the L-inked.com service. Just visit the link shortener page and add your own custom words to make your links stand out and be more descriptive. It’s a great way to make your links more appealing and informative for your audience.

Custom domain feature in url shortening

Want to take customizing your links up a notch? Imagine having your very own domain for your short link. Yes, you heard it right! You can have a short link with your own domain. Check it out right here – it’s truly awesome!

Add domain

Let’s check out how this works.
First you need to add a CNAME record containing your subdomain and set its value to L-inked.com as per below. Remember, changes may take up to 36 hours.

advanced dns

Since my subdomain is “links,” I’ll add a custom domain on the custom domain page like this: “http://links.yourdomain.com” (or replace “yourdomain.com” with your specific subdomain and domain).

branded custom domain

To check if your link is functioning correctly, you should see the green button with ‘Active’ tag under the custom domain.

Now, take the step and shorten your links with your very own custom domain! Be sure to pick your custom domain from the list of available options.

link shortening with custom domain

And there you have it! Simple and lovely, just as easy as enjoying a piece of cake!

link shortening with custom domain

Enhanced Features in L-inked.com:

Splash Pages

Exciting New Feature Alert!

Imagine, you get to create a unique, eye-catching transitional page with your own avatar and a message that truly reflects your brand or company. Plus, you have the freedom to make as many splash pages as you want, and you can assign one to each of your URLs. The best part? It’s super easy to do – just hop over to your L-inked.com dashboard and craft your splash page!

Splash pages

Ready to get started? Head to L-inked.com and sign up for your free account today!

And here’s the icing on the cake: We’ve got an incredible deal waiting for you. You can snag lifetime access to all these fantastic features for a price that’s, well, too good to spill here. Go check it out for yourself here!

Adding Links to Campaigns

Another useful feature of our URL Shortening service is creating Campaigns. In a URL shortening service, campaign refer to a feature that allows users to organize and track multiple shortened URLs under a common theme or campaign. Here’s how you can configure it.


CTA Overlay

An CTA overlay page lets you show a small, unobtrusive pop-up on another website to promote your product or services. You can also use it to send a message to your visitors.

You have the flexibility to customize both the message and how the pop-up looks on this page. Once you save your changes, they will be applied to all the URLs where you use this type of pop-up.

cta overlay

Final Words

Sending out long and complicated web addresses on the internet isn’t ideal for SEO. That’s where URL shorteners come in handy. To make the most of them, it’s important to grasp how they function. This knowledge will help you understand how short URLs perform in various scenarios, allowing you to leverage their advantages for your digital marketing and online business endeavors.

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