Make money on fiverr without skills

10 Easy Ways to Make Money on Fiverr Without Skills

In this article, I’ll explore 10 ingenious strategies to make money on Fiverr without skills. Yes, you can turn the tables on Fiverr’s vast marketplace to your advantage.

Beginner in the world of freelancing and eager to make money using Fiverr? Dive into the learning process of how to kick-start your journey on Fiverr, even if you possess only a simple skill.

Back in March 2020, when I started on Fiverr, I didn’t have any special skills to offer. I spent a lot of time wondering what kind of services I could provide. Eventually, I came up with an idea that didn’t seem too great at first, but it turned out to be a big success. In my first month on Fiverr, using this skill-free approach, I managed to earn a significant $183. It was a huge win for me, especially since I was just starting out.

Here’s how I did it: I’ve always been interested in web design. While I was still learning, I found a way to make money on Fiverr without needing any particular skills. I bought a bunch of stock images from Stock Image Websites and then sold them on Fiverr. The great thing about this method is that it doesn’t require any special talents. It’s a unique way to get started on Fiverr and show that you can succeed on the platform without having traditional skills.

Use these enticing techniques to attract potential clients and make money on Fiverr that require not skills. As you secure your first orders, you’ll inch closer to achieving Seller Level 1, unlocking additional perks and potential Fiverr earning. In no time, you could be raking in over $2,000 a month.

So, why wait? I suggest you take that first step, and the world of online freelancing on Fiverr could be your oyster.

Here’s a screenshot from someone who used my methods to achieve Fiverr’s Seller Level 1 and earn a $400 profit.

Fiverr Seller Level 1, Make money on fiverr

Motivated? Let’s start

10 Gigs to Make Money on Fiverr Without skills

1- Data Entry and Editing for Blogging

Data entry tasks on Fiverr handle jobs that people might find a bit dull. I am not talking about typing, copying and pasting, aligning text, and similar stuff. Curious?

data entry and blogging to make money on fiverr

If you have access to Google Docs and Sheets, which are free to use, and a text rewriting tool such as Ai Paraphrasing tool by, then you’re ready to go. Want to know how to write blog post faster? Read our detail article here:

Write Blog Post with AI – Free and Fastest Method (2023)

To find such easiest gigs on Fiverr, you can search under the ‘blogging’ category.

Another option is to target buyers who are looking to hire a virtual assistant, as the work is quite similar. However, virtual assistants typically have more responsibilities and often earn better pay.

Blogging can be one of the top jobs on Fiverr that doesn’t require any special skills, however, the data you collect must be based on actual facts and figures, in other words a researched content.

It mainly demands research and attention to the content you are writing.

2- Blog Commenting

Many website and blog owners are looking for valuable dofollow backlinks. Although blog commenting isn’t as popular as it used to be, some still find it useful. Here is an example of our blog post where you can see comments from our visitors.

Blog Commenting to make money on fiverr

If you take orders in this category, your job is simple. Find websites that match the buyer’s criteria and leave a comment on one of their blog posts with a link to the buyer’s website. You only need an internet connection and a laptop, and no special skills are required.

However, it’s a good idea to understand some backlinking terms like domain authority, spam score, link juice, anchor text, dofollow, and nofollow links.

This not only makes you seem more professional but also opens up opportunities for other gig categories in the future.

3- Guest Blogging

Guest blogging can be relatively easy if you follow the right approach. One of the simplest methods for guest blogging involves choosing a niche or topic you’re knowledgeable and passionate about. Once you’ve identified your niche, research blogs and websites within that specific area that accept guest posts.

Afterward, carefully review the guest posting guidelines and instructions provided by the blog you wish to contribute to, as each blog may have its own unique requirements.

When you’ve familiarized yourself with these guidelines, proceed to create a high-quality gig on Fiverr Platform.

Ensure that your content is original, engaging, and free from errors. Crafting a compelling pitch or email to introduce yourself and explain your idea, along with how it will benefit their readers, is the next step.

Don’t forget to follow up if you don’t receive a response, keeping your previous buyers and keeping them informed to your projects and services increase change to get the orders.

4- Writing Headlines

Whether you’re a blogger, YouTuber, TikToker, or anyone creating content, you need eye-catching headlines. That’s where headline writers come in.

You can create compelling headlines quickly using a good Headline Analyzer Tool by Monster Insights.

Writing Headlines to make money online

It is entirely free, and offers essential features for free users. The tool rates your headlines on a scale of 100 and provides suggestions on how to make them better, like adding emotional or powerful words.

You can offer this service, like crafting 10 engaging headlines for just $5-$10, and start selling your skills to content creators looking to make their content stand out.

5- Image Compression and Resizing

In today’s world, photos from cameras can be really large. But many on internet want smaller images for their websites because they take up less space. That’s where image compression comes in.

If you offer this service, you can shrink images in just a minute using a free tools called

Image Compressor

It makes images smaller without losing too much quality, and it supports multiple image file extensions such as JPEG, PNG, WEBP, SVG and GIF.

Another tool that is very hand to reduce image size that is TinyPNG but it does not support SVG and GIF image compression.


You see how easy is it!

You can create gig on Fiverr for this service, you see it does not require special skill, only you need to have knowledge about basic information about size of images that should follow SEO guidelines. This way, you can help people with their website images and earn some money on the side.

6- Fiverr Affiliate Program

The Fiverr affiliate program is a way for you to make money by promoting Fiverr’s services. When you refer a new buyer to Fiverr, and they make orders, you get a share of the earnings.


Fiverr also has other products like Fiverr Learn and Fiverr Workspace. If you promote and sell these through your affiliate link, you can earn a good commission. To promote Fiverr you can use social media platform, and it is recommended that you create a blog or website and WordPress is the most famous platform to start a blog and website.

7- Buying and Selling on Fiverr

Fiverr is known for offering affordable services. You can take advantage of this by purchasing services on Fiverr at a low price and then reselling them at a higher price elsewhere.

For instance, if you receive a $100 order outside of Fiverr and hire someone on Fiverr to do the same job for $50, you can make a profit of $50 without doing the work yourself. It’s a simple way to make money on Fiverr with not skills.

8- Proofreading

This job involves reviewing existing content to make it better. It’s a popular service for improving eBooks and blog posts.

You can get started with this gig for as low as $10, and the pay can go up to $100, depending on the amount of work you have to do. Whether it’s fixing grammar, enhancing readability, or making the content more engaging, this gig helps writers and content creators refine their work for better quality and impact.

9- Downloading Videos

The internet is brimming with precious videos that people would love to download and cherish in the future. The hitch? Not everyone has the tech skills, time, or knowledge to do it.

That’s where resourceful students step in, making college cash without a traditional job. It’s surprisingly simple. Plenty of free tools are available online to help you download videos, and store them on your computer.

These tools work like magic, allowing you to convert videos from platforms like Daily Motion, Vimeo, and YouTube into different file formats (like MP4) that you can save on your computer.

Once you’ve worked your magic, you can send these saved videos to your customers through their preferred method.

While some services charge up to $20 for each video they convert, you may not make quite that much, but there’s still an exciting earning potential here. It’s a win-win – you help people save their favorite videos, and you make some money along the way.

10- Image Background Removal Service

Many people need to remove the background from pictures, especially when they want to use a person’s image in a different setting.

For instance, they might have a picture of someone in a bar and want to place that person in a beach party scene. That’s where folks with this skill come in.

If you receive an order for this, you can use a free background removal tool that does the job in just two clicks.

It’s that easy. The best part is, you don’t need any special skills because the tool does the work for you.

You can even offer bulk deals, like 50 images for $50, to speed things up. It’s a win-win, and while some people look for free tools first, there are still those who’ll value your service on Fiverr. So, you might not get orders every day, but your gig will be a valuable resource for those who didn’t think of using free tools.

Challenges of Selling Fiverr Gigs with No Special Skills

When you’re offering easy Fiverr gigs that don’t need any particular skills, you might face some challenges:

  • You’ll often deal with repetitive and boring tasks that might not be very exciting.
  • These gigs tend to have a lot of sellers, as anyone can give them a shot. So, it can be tough to stand out.
  • Buyers usually have many options, so they might not stick around for the long term.
  • It’s hard to increase your prices because buyers know they can get the same service for the minimum $5 cost from someone else.
  • While these challenges exist, there are still ways to make it work and succeed in these gigs.

However, with determination, it’s absolutely possible to make money on Fiverr without specific skills. As evidence, I shared at the beginning of this article how I managed to make my initial earnings on Fiverr without any particular expertise.

Making money on Fiverr without skills and as a beginner is an achievable goal. By starting with the right approach, offering accessible services, and gradually building your reputation, you can pave the way for a successful freelancing career, even with no prior experience.


Can I Make Money on Fiverr with No Experience and Skills?

Fiverr, the online marketplace for freelancers, is a promising avenue even for those without prior experience. It’s a platform teeming with opportunities, and here’s how you can embark on your journey to financial success

How Do Beginners Make Money on Fiverr?

Select a Niche: Start by identifying your area of interest and passion. Fiverr hosts a vast array of categories, from writing and graphic design to digital marketing and video editing. Find a niche that aligns with your skills or interests.

Create an Engaging Profile: Craft a compelling Fiverr profile that showcases your skills, personality, and what you can offer clients. A professional profile picture and a well-written bio can go a long way in attracting potential buyers.

Offer Entry-Level Gigs: As a beginner, consider offering services that don’t require extensive expertise. For instance, you can provide simple graphic design work, social media management for small businesses, or basic content writing.

What Is the Easiest Job on Fiverr?

The concept of an “easiest” job can vary from person to person, but if we’re talking about jobs that typically require minimal skills or experience, some options include data entry, simple logo design, and basic transcription services.

How Do I Get a Job at Fiverr with No Experience?

Set Realistic Prices: As a newcomer, it’s a good strategy to offer competitive prices initially to attract your first clients. Over time, as you gain experience and positive reviews, you can adjust your rates.

Optimize Gig Titles and Descriptions: Use well-researched keywords in your gig titles and descriptions to make them discoverable by potential clients. Make your offerings sound enticing and valuable.

Promote Your Gig: Share your Fiverr gigs on social media, websites, and other platforms to increase visibility. Networking and marketing can play a crucial role in getting those initial orders.

Can I Make $1000 a Month on Fiverr?

Earning $1000 a month on Fiverr is entirely feasible, but it requires commitment, quality work, and patience. It might not happen overnight, but with consistent effort and a growing client base, that four-figure monthly income is within reach.

Does Fiverr Really Pay?

Yes, Fiverr is a reputable platform that truly pays its freelancers. Upon successfully completing an order and once the funds have cleared, you can withdraw your earnings to your preferred payment method. Fiverr ensures secure and timely payments, providing peace of mind for freelancers worldwide.

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